MESA has pioneered the industry since 1969 through an understanding of designing its buildings together with its surrounding. MESA has radically changed the mass housing approach and has created the concept of “brand in housing”. Approximately 95,000 residential buildings on an area of 11,000.000 m2; MESA has put its signature under every phases of production including infrastructure, environmental design and design. Today MESA is carrying on its activities successfully within the construction industry with its large staff (about 4,000 personnel), its 50 years of experience and its steady structure. MESA has moved beyond the brand concept it has created within the housing industry and became a “life brand” through its production and investment areas that it has expanded over the years.

In addition to big housing estates inside and outside the country, MESA also realizes the technical and social facilities, infrastructure and the environmental and landscape designs of all kinds of buildings as both an entrepreneur and contractor. MESA builds high-capacity business centers and shopping malls, tourism and sports facilities, health and cultural centers, schools, public parks, office buildings, industrial plants and other buildings. The holding companies participate in each field and phase of planning, design and construction in order to fulfill this function in the most reliable way. On the other hand, MESA produces many building components used in the construction industry such as steel form, steel mesh, joinery and precast, particularly tunnel formwork. These products of high MESA quality became popular products both in the domestic market and foreign market based on their proven competitive power.

MESA delivers its buildings to the owners through special guarantee. It adds a new dimension to the service concept by correcting the mistakes that may arise during the phase of use through the Customer Services department. MESA has pioneered the housing industry in Turkey through concepts such as “Tunnel Formwork Technology, “Customer Services Department”, ‘’Housing Estates Service and Maintenance Companies”. MESA now believes much more in the strength of its principles and gets strength from its previous successes while entering in new sectors. .


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