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Since 1969, the year in which we have started our journey aiming for more qualified lives, each year has brought a history full of success and pride to MESA and future to the construction industry. The current situation in this journey that has been continuing for many years with excitement shows how MESA has added value to life and the thousands of lives that it has changed. Having created the brand concept, with which the present of real estate and construction sector were determined years ago, MESA, beyond any doubs, is a “Life Brand” now.

MESA determines the map of the cities and the dynamics of the industry through its modern and prestigious buildings. In order to fulfill this function in the most reliable way, MESA takes charge in every field and phase of planning, design and construction and also produces certain building components used in the construction industry.

Based on 50 years of experience, its large-scale achievements and the value it attaches on human and knowledge, MESA continues to fulfill all its commitments and produce sustainable values in many fields of life by making its investments. MESA continues its journey based on the values and principles that has been maintained since 1969.

After every stop reached, MESA is heading to a new destination.

Members of
the Board of


Erhan Boysanoğlu

Chairman of the Board

Born in 1947 in Ankara, Erhan Boysanoğlu was graduated from Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture in 1971.

Boysanoğlu started his business life in MESA Mesken Sanayii A.Ş. in 1970 and served in various positions such as Construction Manager, Deputy General Manager and the member of the board of directors. He worked as the Chairman of the Board of Directors in MESA Toplu Konut A.Ş. in between 1994–2001.

Boysanoğlu was a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Contractors Association in between 2002 – 2006 and is still an active member of INTES (The Turkish Employers Association of Construction Industries) and the Higher Advisory Committee of Turkish Contractors Association since 2006. Boysanoğlu is still the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MESA Mesken Sanayii A.Ş. and also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MESA Holding A.Ş. since 2013.

Boysanoğlu is married with 2 children and speaks English.

Mert Boysanoğlu

Vice Chairman of the Board

Born in 1976 in Ankara, Mert Boysanoğlu completed his primary, secondary and high-school education in TED Ankara College and has bachelor degree in Architecture in “Oxford School of Architecture” and master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning in “Oxford Brookes School of Town Planning”.

Boysanoğlu started his business career in BSB London Architects Company in 2000 and continued his career in InfoTron Company in 2001.

Mert Boysanoğlu joined MESA in 2003 and worked as the Site Construction Manager for Finishing Works and has took part in MESA Maslak and MESA Kemerburgaz projects until 2007.

Boysanoğlu was responsible of the projects in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan between the years of 2007-2011 in connection with MESA Overseas Works Department. Boysanoğlu worked as MESA Business Development Manager from 2011 to 2013. Mert Boysanoğlu had worked as the Deputy General Manager in MESA in between 2013-2015. Boysanoğlu is still the Member of the Board of Directors since 2015 and the General Manager since September, 2016.

Boysanoğlu is a Board Member of Turkish Contractors Association and a member of the Chamber of Architects. Boysanoğlu is also a Congress Member of Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club.

Mert Boysanoğlu is married with one children; and speaks English.

Murat Sezgin

Member of the Board

Born in 1967, Murat Sezgin has bachelor degree in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Political Sciences in Ankara University and master’s degree in Economics in Boston University.

Sezgin started his business career as Deputy Tax Expert in Tax Experts Board in the Ministry of Finance in 1989 and had been appointed as Account Expert in 1992 and as Senior Account Expert in 2002. He was appointed as the Head of Department in the General Directorate of Revenues, Ministry of Finance in 2003 and has continued his duty until 2008 in the Department of Revenue Management in the Revenue Administration.

Murat Sezgin carried out studies in the USA Department of Revenue in San Diego State University and has given lectures on management in the Economy Department in Atılım University. He had taken part in many commissions, particularly in the Parliamentary Investigation Committee in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and has worked as the Ministry Special Consultant in the Ministry of National Education regarding Financing and Ministry Investments.

Sezgin had given lectures as an Instructor to the experts of OECD member states within the scope of International Tax Training programs in some countries within OECD. He also took part in the Turkish Delegation during European Union Accession Negotiations.

Murat Sezgin started to work as the Audit Group Vice President in MESA Mesken Sanayii A.Ş in 2007. He is still the member of the Board of MESA Holding and various companies within MESA.

Sezgin is a Congress Member of the Mulkiye Alumni Association and Fenerbahçe Sports Club. Sezgin is married with one children; and speaks English.


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