Our HR Vision


To be a favoured company in the construction sector, where the corporate HR management approach is adopted and where the employees are happy and productive.

Our Mission for Human Resources

Is to build a large group of people consisting of individuals who integrate his/her career plans and path with the future business plans of the company for which he/she works, strive to align his/her personal targets with those of the company for which he/she works and who brings added value to the company through his/her work and professionalism and to make appropriate and timely departmental plans and to support and encourage to help the group to be sustainable and successful.

To become an employee of MESA means an individual who...

• is devoted and committed to his/her work and company,
• is well aware of the fact that he/she will contribute to the company’s future through his/her work,
• is eager to investigate and research, self-sacrificing and disciplined
• is well aware of his/her responsibilities, and respectful for ethical principles and respects corporate values
• is sensitive to environment and human health
• has an advanced loyalty feeling,
• places a special emphasis on his/her personal and professional development,
• respects and love others and respect their opinions and treat everyone with politeness, protects the reputation of his/her company, shares his/her decisions and targets, constantly improves and develops himself/herself in an environment of change


MESA consists of employees who are kind and caring to each other, who protect the reputation of the company, who communicate and share their decisions and aims, and who constantly improve themselves in an evolving environment. We would like to invite candidates who constantly improve their targets and competencies, and who are not afraid of assuming responsibilities, to become a valuable part of the MESA Family



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