Quality Policy

In infrastructure and superstructure constructions and production of building components, Mesa Mesken San. A.Ş. employs innovative solutions in information and communication technologies to products and production and complies with design principles, relevant standards, technical specifications, administrative and legislative requirements and building techniques and artistic requirements.

With the active participation of all its employees, Mesa considers customer needs and potentials and uses the resources in an economical, effective and efficient manner to sustain customer satisfaction. Mesa always delivers the product in time and constantly improves the management system.

In doing so, MESA aims to enhance its corporate identity, which is pacesetter, open-for-improvement and innovative and to maintain a sustainable brand quality in the international arena.

Environmental Policy

In the constructions of infrasturcture and superstructure and production of building components, Mesa Mesken San. A,Ş. endeavors to use the necessary resources to prevent air, water and soil pollution in accordance with the environmental legislations, administrative regulations and the terms and conditions that are being subject to.

Mesa contributes to the preservation and sustainability of environmental values by using conscious staff in design and production, with an understanding of continuous development and progress. Mesa is involved in every effort to become the leader across the country on the protection of our environment borrowed from future generations and to contribute to all kinds of work on this issue.

OSH Policy

Mesa Mesken San. A.Ş., takes all necessary measures for occupational safety and health in accordance with the current OSH legislation and the terms and conditions of the organizations which it is a member of. Mesa, ensures that its employees are aware of their individual OSH responsibilities, and that activities related to occupational health and safety are continuously improved.

As the main indicator of its motto “human comes first”, Mesa Mesken San. A.Ş. considers not only products and customers but also the satisfaction, safety, and health of its employees.


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